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National Campaign - New Downloads

Fall 2013

National Campaign To End the Korean War: Useful Downloads right now

1. National Campaign brochure

2. “Ten Reasons Why the United States Should Sign a Peace Treaty with North Korea”

3. "Peace Weekend" (July 26-27, 2013) DC events


5. Veterans for Peace (NCEKW organizational member) flyer

6. Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea INCEKW org member) 2010-2013 Teaching Initiative to End the Korean War

The Costs and Risks of Unending War:

7. "Stop War Games, Start Peace Talks"Working Group for Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific (NCEKW member) statement opposing U.S.-ROK joint military exercises

8. Rich Read, “Relief Managers from Portland-based Mercy Corps Say U.S. Let North Koreans Starve as Retribution for Missile Launch,” The Oregonian, April 13, 2013

Korean Americans & Multi-Faith Communities Call for Peace:

9.Ecumenical Korea Peace Conference Call for Peace and Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, Atlanta, GA, May 20, 2013

10.Carol J. Williams, “Global Voices: Pleas for Korean Peace 60 Years after Fighting Ended,” Los Angeles Times, May 2, 2013

11. Dorothy Ogle, “Ridiculing Kim Jong Il Does Not Lead to Peace,” The Progressive, December 21, 2011

A New Consensus: Voices for Engagement with North Korea

12. Jimmy Carter, “U.S. Failing to Promote Peace,” The Morning Call, April 22, 2013

13. Donald Gregg, “Sit Down with North Korea and Negotiate a Lasting Peace,” Akron Beacon Journal Online, April 2, 2013

14. Leon Sigal, “Replacing the Armistice with a Peace Treaty in Korea,” CanKor, April 18, 2013

15. Doug Bandow, “60 Years After the Korean War, the U.S. Must End Its Cold War Alliance with South Korea,” Forbes, July 15, 2013